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ML Renewables is one of the leading and fastest growing solar energy solutions provider in Odisha. 

What we believe in?

This planet has witnessed consistent exploitation of Non-renewable resources since 1700 AD. It started after the discovery coal and then oil, and then gas. No doubt, the intention was of the wellbeing of the mankind but unconscious abuse of these resources has resulted in self destruction of Mother Earth. 

While on the other side, since the beginning of the universe, there existed parallel energy source which had undiscovered utilizations. This energy is consistently being presented to our planet in the form of solar energy. For millions of years, solar energy is the blessing of self burning terrestrial body called  the Sun. 

The uniqueness of this clean energy is that irrespective of its wide and extensive utilization, solar energy has no adverse effect on this planet. The more it is harnessed, more it will add on to the rejuvenation of the nature. 

Our vision is to create a thrust in the global market. We will also bring awareness to people to fold their hands and receive the grace of Sun in the form of solar energy. After all , ALL LIFE UPON THIS PLANET IS SOLAR POWERED.

Like oil is the backbone of Middle Eastern countries, nuclear power is for Russia, similarly solar energy will be backbone of India. 

Promoting this clean energy at national and global level can result in enormous backing to Indian  economy leading to sustainable development of the nation for all the times to come. 

Our mission is to become a global player in the energy sector and become a significant contributor towards India’s solar mission. We will contribute by creating awareness and provide solar based energy alternatives in all the possible sectors. India, leading the International Solar Alliance, is a positive sign for the solar sector. It will create unprecedented opportunities for Indian companies and entrepreneurs.

Save money and money will save you.

Why Solar?

Solar Energy helps you to reduce your electricity bill upto 80%.

Ideal Investment

Solar is also much less riskier than traditional investments.

Minimal Maintenance

ML Renewables provides you service which needs almost no maintenance. 

Tax Benefits

Going Solar grants you Tax Benefits through Accelerated Depreciation.


MNRE Subsidy is available to consumers who install Solar Panels.

Environment Friendly

Average 50 KW Solar Array reduces up to 72 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.


Advisory and Consultancy

We have experienced and dedicated team to meet all the energy demands of a client. Our energy experts have executed solar projects in Gigawatts. We believe in establishing a friendly atmosphere with our clients irrespective of the project size.
Our Services Include:
• Feasibility study and detailed project report;
• Techno-commercial Due-diligence;
• Procurement assistance;
• Project management services;
• Investment assistance and Planning;
• End to end solar solution;
• Energy Management.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Our EPC team based in Odisha has executed many grid utility solar power plant projects across Odisha. Recently, our team was a part of 40MW power plant project at Bolangir District of Odisha.
Our Services Include:
• Land identification and acquire assistance;
• Liaisoning & Procurement;
• Engineering;
• Construction;
• Man Power management.
We provided real time operational support & maintenance to large scale solar power plants.

Solar for Industries

Most of the industries consuming huge energy are dependent on Captive themal power plants resulting in huge expenses and causing a tremendous damage to the nature. Opting solar will not only save a lot of money into their account but also result into a sustainable planet.
For Boilers
• Reduce fuel consumption up to 50%;
• Reduce production time significantly;
• Input water to boiler at 70-80 Degree;
• Zero maintenance;

Solar Power plant (PV Technology)

Solar for Households/Commercials

A family saves its energy costs up to 80% monthly by using solar products. If your home is particularly energy efficient, you may even be able to sell electricity back to your provider to further reduce the costs. Solar is THE alternative energy
Solar Thermal Technology for Households
• Zero Maintenance;
• Extended life of more than 20 years;
• Reduces the electricity bill significantly.

Solar PV Technology for Households
• Can provide green and clean energy for about 30 years;
• Can cover up to 70% of household energy needs;
• Uninterrupted Power;


Team ML is highly efficient and are working towards a greater result.
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25 Years of Experience
Engineering Projects, Automobile Solutions, Project management and solutions, Infrastructure Projects etc.
Cost Optimisation
Our Highly Experienced Engineers are fully focused on optimisation of cost competitiveness and quality standardization.
End to End Solutions
We provide end to end solutions which includes Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring and Maintenance.
Guaranteed Performance
From the moment you first get in touch with us we strive to deliver our best to you. The best team, best components and our never ending earnestness are all at you service.

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ML Renewables is a part of ML group which is a 25 years old company based on engineering projects. It started focusing on solar energy in the year 2017 and since then it has never looked back. 

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